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Careers Information - Find out WHY SBSC from the prospective of Careers
Pathways Information - Find out WHY SBSC from the prospective of Pathways
Year 10 Pathways - Find out WHY SBSC from the prospective of Careers & Pathways

Careers Information

The College offers the support of Careers Advisors within the College to assist students with subject selection, career pathway planning and supporting them with balancing Vocational Learning Pathways, UTAS College Programs combined with other subjects offered by the College. The interviews are confidential, notes are made by the advisor and a 'receipt-style' plan is devised with the student which he/she takes with them. Most students require more than one interview to identify a career pathway, identify the entry points into that career and finally choose the subjects and courses which will benefit them in their pursuit.

Students are able to book appointments with Crista Christie or Diane Saltmarsh by email or by face-to-face enquiry.

Pathways Information

Pathways support offered in senior schooling is very practical and focused on planning and working towards a personal pathway. Throughout the year we offer many information sessions to students; ranging from UTAS liaisons discussing new courses, pathways into the University etc, to experts from particular fields of study sharing their experience in particular faculty areas (for example: Engineering, Health etc). We also offer our own internal information sessions regarding aligning subject selection to career pathway, while ensuring students are able to meet their own TCE and/or ATAR requirements.

Students are supported in their subject selection choices for University Applications and/or Vocational Learning Pathways by the Careers Advisors employed by the College. Crista Christie and Diane Saltmarsh are available to all students for one-on-one interviews (see Careers for more information).

Year 10 Pathways

In order to better prepare our students for their future careers, the College undertakes to provide a range of experiences to help students with future decisions. In addition to undertaking Work Studies courses as part of the Curriculum, the students also have an overnight excursion to Hobart. Students explore a variety of career industries in Hobart, speak to industry professionals and of course have a little bit of fun! They visit locations such as: the Menzies Institute, Jane Franklin Hall, the Institute of Antarctic and Marine Studies, Parliament House, TAFE, UTAS, the Police Academy and Anglesea Barracks. Many students report positively of their trip and the College feels this is a very successful endeavour.

From 2015: "I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do at the start of the year. But after attending the Pathways week and visiting the Institute of Antarctic and Marine Studies, I now am pretty sure I want to be a Marine Biologist. I came back from Hobart motivated and researched the subjects required for the career, and picked my subjects for Year 11 and 12 accordingly. I have to say it really inspired me."

From 2015: "I enjoyed going to Hobart because I had a great time with my friends! I enjoyed the visits and hearing from industry professionals, but more than anything else I loved spending time with such a big group of friends. I made new friends as well - we're a closer group now."

Crista Christie
Pathways & Careers Coordinator