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    Location and Map

    The College has many vistas from its 7 hectare campus including sea, beaches, cityscape, farmland, estuaries and highlands. North of the plateau on which the College stands is Bass Strait. To the west is the estuary of the Don River, one of the first sites of European settlement on the north-west coast. To the east is the Mersey River and a view of the northern coastline to the mouth of the Tamar River and beyond. The southern outlook is of the central highlands, including Mt Roland and Black Bluff.

    The campus is a twenty five minute walk from the central city area of Devonport, the north-west coast's major city. The College chapel occupies the highest point on the campus which is mostly 50 metres above sea level. This is also the highest point of the main built up area of the city.

    The region is one Australia's most productive agriculturally, with many manufacturing industries based on this produce and other raw materials from the region.

    The College draws its students from a radius of more than 50 kilometres around Devonport.

    St Brendan-Shaw College is a co-educational college.

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