Year 9 Pathways

Year 9 Pathways - In this article you will read more about what is offered to Year 9 students

Pathways Yr 9

We provide our Year 9 students with an activities week around term 3 or 4. The aim of this week is to encourage students to socialise with their peers, build friendships and work together in team situations to achieve personal and group objectives. Students participate in a range of activities from scaling the trees at Hollybank Treetop Adventures, to providing service in their local community. In the past we have also organised an 'Amazing Race' style activity day where students work in teams to complete tasks. Students hear from a range of guest speakers throughout the year and within the pathways week; the speakers share experience with our students and offer guidance and motivational encouragement. The emphasis on pathways at this stage in the student's learning in centred on relationships with others and connection to community.

Benefits for our students:

  • Work in teams to solve problems and complete tasks
  • Build strong relationships with their peers
  • Contribute and connect with community
  • Develop a sense of intrinsic personal motivation

Crista Christie
Pathways Coordinator