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In 2015 the Northern Tasmanian Debating roster was yet another season full of invigorating academic discussion. Students took the opportunity to make connections with other schools and extend their skills of reasoning and persuasion. The B team this year, or the 'Lad's' team as we referred to them, consisted of Sam Indge, Joe Fisher, Mushi Bond, Finn Leary and Fletcher Clark. While all new to debating, the boys took to it like ducks to water. They enjoyed the competitive nature of debating and arguing a point of view. It was amazing to see the improvement in their confidence and in their speech making skills throughout the year.

Our A team consisted of Tarsha Jago, Emily Eastley, Victoria Saunders, Eddie Delphin and Tom Crowden. The team debated consistently well throughout the season, enjoying the topics and the team work skills needed for success. Debating is a wonderful educational activity that enhances not only confidence but the ability to structure and organise thoughts in a compelling way. I am very proud of all the competitors and their achievements.

Parliamentary Shield
In June 2015 a team of St Brendan-Shaw College students competed in the 37th Commonwealth Parliamentary Shield Debating Challenge. Mushi Bond, Joe Fisher, Sam Indge, Tarsha Jago and Victoria Saunders represented the College in this intellectual endeavour with aplomb. The students gained valuable experience and improved upon their ability to argue in a cohesive, convincing and engaging manner. The students narrowly missed out on the final, finishing the competition in third place.

Mrs Littler
Debating Co-ordinator

Public speaking UNYA

UNYA (United Nations Youth Australia) Evatt Trophy Finals
In 2015, Tarsha Jago and Emily Eastley, representing China, competed in an UNYA event that resembles the UN Security Council. Later, on Joe Fisher and Tom Lamprey competed in the same event in Hobart. Both teams went through to the state finals in Hobart.

This time Joe and Thomas represented Angola while Tarsha and Emily represented Russia. Finalists from this round will then compete in Melbourne at the National UNYA Security Council Round.

Mrs Margaret Shearer
Legal Studies Teacher

Youth Parliament

Every year several students travel down to Hobart to participate in the Tasmanian Youth Parliament. This six day event is run by a collection of past participants and the YMCA, and attendees draft and create "bills" to be debated in the Tasmanian Parliament House, sitting in both the Upper and Lower Houses. These bills are made from the innovative ideas that our youth have such as: compulsory First Aid training for Year 10 students, several education reforms, and bringing in a cashless gambling policy. These bills, if passed, are given to the Parliamentarians to be considered for legislation. The event is known to have major success in making legislation. As an example, the blood donation age was lowered due to a bill produced at a previous Youth Parliament. All the while, the participants rubbed shoulders with our state politicians and learned the ropes of our Tasmanian Parliament.

"I encourage anyone that will be in Years 10-12 next year to sign up. It's an amazing experience. You'll meet 50 new best friends and have the time of your life in Parliament House." Emily Eastley (Year 11)