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Uniform policy - The how and what for year 11 &12's
Offsite privileges - Options to go to Buzybees
Parking Seniors - Parking space for students
IT Facilities - IT facilities around the College

Who can help you chart

Student Services Guide
This diagram provides a bird's eye of people with particular expertise or responsibility who can help you with any questions or difficulties during your senior years.

Uniform Years 11-12

Students in Years 11-12 have their own uniform separate from the Years 7-10, which is a simpler design of navy blue and white, offering a more sophisticated dress code for our senior students.

Students in Year 12 have the opportunity to purchase a rugby top designed inhouse for their particular year group to wear.

Offsite Privileges

Year 11 and 12 students are allowed to go offsite to the corner shop (Bizzi Bee) at lunch however the College has an excellent canteen onsite (please ensure that you sign in and out).

Year 12s - Can choose to study offsite on their study lines but must sign both in and out of the College at the Caritas office. Year 12 students who have a study line Period 1 and 2 and/or Period 5 and 6 may arrive late/leave early, providing the correct sign in/out procedure via the Caritas office is used. A study line form for this to be recorded, can be obtained from Maria Windsor.

Parking Seniors

Car parking is available for any Year 11 or 12 student in the Staff/Student carpark off Percy Street. There are no designated area for staff or students, with places filled on a first in basis.

IT Facilities

All College
We aim to provide the the very best IT services for all students and staff, with internet available across the whole campus to ensure that wherever you are, and with whichever device you have, you will be able to connect to the internet and the services we provide. We understand that technology is required in many areas of learning, and work closely with teachers to ensure we are adding value to learning outcomes.

Senior Study Area
The Tennison Woods building has a newly build Senior Study Aera, where you can use the WIFI and study without distractions. We have a BYOD (bring your own device) at the College which will enable you to bring your own iPad/laptop/tablet etc. and have it connected to the school internet. Your laptop/iPad/tablet etc. is your responsibility and the College takes no responsibility for any loss or damage.

IT Support
With a dedicated IT service desk and IT team, we have the skills and experience required to ensure that technology doesn't get in the way of education and learning. The IT team are based in the Library, and have an open door policy, where students and staff can come in and have any issues resolved in a quick and efficient manner.