Bus Links

The following is a guide to the buses and bus services that provide transport for our students. Some details may vary and parents are asked to contact the bus companies directly for more accurate information on pick-up times and locations.

These bus companies service the areas as listed.

Phoenix Coaches

Phone: 6427 7626

North Motton, Ulverstone, Turners Beach, Squeaking Point, Sassafras, Bass Highway (Devonport and Latrobe areas), South Spreyton, Sheffield Main Road. Kimberley, Railton to Latrobe turnoff, Tugrah Road.

e-mail: admin@phoenixcoaches.com.au

Merseylink Bus Service

Phone: 6427 7626
Within Devonport town boundary, Shearwater, central Latrobe.

Morses Coaches

Phone: 6424 9089
Sheffield, Barrington, Melrose, Paloona, Sheffield Main Road, Eugenana.

Tasmania's Own Redline Coaches

Phone: 6421 6490
Deloraine, Elizabeth Town, Sassafras.

Sims Buses

Phone: 6429 3220
Upper Castra, Sprent, Kindred, Forth.

Kerger's Coaches

Phone 6437 2315
Penguin area - interchanging at Ulverstone with Phoenix Coaches

    Student Greencard

    Students who travel on Non-Metro buses and pay a fare will need a Greencard in 2012. The bus fare on these buses with a Greencard will be $1.00, without a Greencard it will be $1.30. Students should apply now for their Greencards ready for the 2012 year from the Dept of The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
    Note: students who are eligible for free travel, and who currently hold an un-expired free pass, won't need to apply, but will be issued with a Student Greencard automatically.
    Contact details for enquiries:
    Enquiries: Telephone 1300 851 225
    Email: buspasses@dier.tas.gov.au