Catholic Ethos

The Nature of a Catholic School

Australia's Catholic schools are a national asset, educating one-fifth of all the nation's school students.

The mission of Catholic schools is to be more than providers of high quality education, advancing the
common good of Australian society. Their belief in the ultimate intrinsic value of each individual student is
based on a distinctive educational vision inspired by the example and message of Jesus Christ. Through their
culture, ethos and mission, and through the commitment of their staff and their educational programs,
Catholic schools demonstrate that there is no separation between learning and living the Christian life.

(Archbishop Adrian Doyle AM, Archdiocesan Catholic Ethos Statement 2005)

Catholic Ethos

Our work in a Catholic organisation is more than using our professional skills in the service of others. In
everything we do, we are ministering in the name of the Catholic Church and the Gospel. We must,
therefore, represent the values of the Church, presenting the compassionate face of Christ to the world -
respecting the dignity of every person as a child of God.
Our work places are more appropriately described as communities where the core values of respect,
integrity, hospitality, inclusiveness, forgiveness and justice are key qualities of people who serve in the name
of Jesus.

Who are Catholic Schools for?

Whilst the purpose in the establishment of Catholic schools is to educate children from Catholic families,
children from all families who are prepared to support Catholic ideals, principles and practices are eligible
for enrolment in Catholic schools.

(Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission Enrolment Policy 2008)