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Project Compassion fundraising during Lent is a Caritas fundraising project which we call Caritas. Here each homeroom raises money for the Project Compassion chairity. The amounts raised contributes to points toward winning the Inter-house Challenge Cup.


The St Vincent De Paul society youth congress at St Brendan - Shaw College, in 2015 armed with Rebecca McCall as Treasurer, Chelsea Webb and Sian Davies as co-Secretaries, Samantha Sefton as Vice President and Tarsha Jago as President were contenders for the most successful congress to date. The support of all students involved, particularly the Year 7s proved invaluable once again. The first major task was setting up and running the annual canned food drive. This ran for the duration of Term 3 and was taken out by Griffin house. This provided inspiration for the Founder's Day activity, a giant can shaped structure painted to look like a spaghetti and meatballs can with the meatballs being holes for tennis balls to be thrown into. We farewelled our seniors with the annual fashion parade. Young Sam Watson took home the bragging rights of first place. The year concluded for the juniors with a visit to Meercroft nursing home.

Tarscha Jago
Year 12

Doing it for Dutton

Written and published by the Advocate (

It would be a stretch for most people to go a week without chocolate but two teens at St Brendan - Shaw College are set to go a whole school term to raise money for a good cause. Year 11 students Tarsha Jago and Amy Boultbee are giving up all chocolate and chocolate-related products for the entirety of term 3 to raise money for their cause Doing it for Dutton in memory of their former school teacher Jane Dutton. Ms Dutton died from bowel cancer last year and Miss Boultbee said she in particular took it pretty hard.

"I didn't deal with it well at all," she said.

"I was quite close to her (Ms Dutton)."

The death of Ms Dutton caused the teens to research more about bowel cancer and they were surprised with what they found. Miss Jago said she and Miss Boultbee wanted to raise more awareness about bowel cancer and also raise money for bowel cancer research so they hatched a plan.

House Charities

Each house chooses a charity to support each year. Agencies such as Beyond Blue (Griffin), Canteen (Lyons), Cancer Foundation's Daffodil Day (MacKillop) and Eddie Rice Camps (Dillon) have all been represented in the past. Students have the possibility to get involved in organising the events for to raise money for these charities.