Chill & EDEN Room

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Chill & EDEN Room

The Chill Room
The Chill Room has been set aside to give students who need some time out a place to go that is a safe and welcoming. It has comfortable seating, a couch, bean bags and cosy chairs. There are also therapeutic weighted blankets (and a bear) that offer for many a calming effect. An aroma dispenser with a selection of scents is available.

Some students like to sit quietly and others can engage in activities that promote self-regulating emotions, including reading material, that educates and promotes positive well-being and adult art. Mindful sensory kits are available which contain activities for self-regulation that utilise all the senses along with a range of board games.

Students use the room for a variety of reasons. Some need some personal space to have some down time. Use of the chill room can be part of an individual learning plan where access to a quiet space is part of their self-management strategy.

This room is available at recess and lunch for those who have a CHILL PASS. Passes can be provided by members of the College Pastoral Care Team.

The EDEN Room
EDEN is a classroom which is utilised for targeted instruction and group-work. The concept of the EDEN (Education Enhancement) room arose from the need to support the number of students needing significant accommodations and assistance to reach their full potential. The room is inclusive for all students from those with specific learning issues to gifted and talented.
The room setup is not that of the traditional classroom but is geared towards 1:1 and small group work, with study cubicles, whiteboard desks, ergonomic seating, couches and a range of items that cater or a multi-sensory approach and for students who are more kinaesthetic in their learning style. The room is staffed by a teacher, and teacher aides. The room is used for a range of purposes including:

  • KLS teaching (Key Learning Skills - a course that focuses on daily life skills and is available for students in consultation with the Learning Support Team
  • A place where students can work quietly on material supplied by their teacher
  • After school tutorials
  • Lunchtime activities
  • A place where some students can sit tests (e.g. those who need additional time or can have a range of options which might include having the test read to them etc)
  • Groupwork - small groups of students can be sent to work on a common task
  • 1:1 programs such as Catch-Up Literacy and Numeracy, Reading Repairer
  • Extension groups

Some classes like the KLS and literacy and numeracy programs are scheduled into the room. Students may attend the room at the request of a teacher. Some students "self-refer" when they feel they would lke some extra assistance with a task.