College Crest, Motto & Values

Our Badge - More information on the College's badge can be found here
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Our Values - More information on the College's values can be found here
Our Community - The Annual school community report can be found here

Our Badge

The College badge combines some elements of the badges of St Brendan's College and Shaw College.

  • The barque of St Brendan symbolises missionary endeavour, while the 12 pointed star on the sail is taken from the Shaw badge where it represented "Light from Knowledge".
  • The red disc and book reflect illumination and learning and the open book is a symbol of both scripture and education.
  • On the book are the Greek letters alpha, "A", and omega, "Ω" - the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. They represent Christ, the Beginning and the End.

Our Motto

The motto is "By Faith and Deed". As St James teaches us in his letter, faith without good deeds is no real faith at all. To be truly Christian our faith must be accompanied by action.

Our Values

We believe in the Holistic Development of the student. The College has a core set of values to guide decision-making:

  • Learning
  • Openness
  • Responsibility
  • Caritas
  • Community

Our Community

Click here to download a PDF of the community report: Community Report