Year 8 Subjects

Year 8 Subjects - Here you can see the different subjects Year 8's are offered

Year 8 Subjects

CORE Subjects

  • Religious Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Health & Physical Education

TASTER Subjects

  • Dance
  • General Music
  • Music-Band
  • Drama
  • Art
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Digital Technology
  • Applied Technology
  • Textiles & crafts
  • Food studies
  • The Voice

In the classroom, students develop technical movement, dance and performance skills and explore choreographic techniques and ideas. They also come to understand the role of dance in society, by learning about a range of dance styles, from traditional to contemporary.

General Music
Music skills are further developed in theory, listening, special projects and performance on a large variety of instruments.

This course is provided as an opportunity to play instruments together as a College band. This subject is designed to be 'hands on' and develop the student's ability to play in small ensemble groups and class band settings. There will be a theory component to the course, but the theory is embedded in the kinaesthetic learning approach that this program provides.

Different genres of drama are introduced and students are given the opportunity to explore ideas, script them and present them.

Year 8 continues to develop and explore skills, techniques and methods of working, using various media for 2D and 3D expression.

In the classroom emphasis is put on French as a means of communication. The student is encouraged to use the language, both written and oral, and to explore the language using song, film, poetry, newspapers and magazines as well as the more traditional textbooks.

In Year 8 Japanese, students will build upon the knowledge gained in Year 7. Students will learn the script of Katakana as well as Kanji. Students will begin to read and write small sentences and gain confidence in speaking. Students will develop their knowledge of Japan through cultural investigations.

Digital Technology
Year 8 Digital Technology gives students an opportunity to further explore the world of coding using the Scratch Computer Programming Language. When fully utilised Scratch provides students with the opportunity to develop sophisticated programming principles and techniques that could be applied to other programming languages in later years

Applied Technology
Year 8 students will develop further skills in using materials and techniques. They also develop designing, making and appraising skills through project work, which is a major part of this subject.

Textiles and Craft
Students work with a variety of textile and craft mediums to produce items that they can wear, decorate their room with or give as presents. Projects include: tie dye pillows, cards, felt items and simple clothing. Students develop skills in machine use, hand sewing, design, fabric decoration, time management and product evaluation. Projects will be completed throughout the year.

Food Studies
Students participate in and enjoy a variety of practical food tasks. Dishes cooked range from pizza, tasty snacks, biscuits, pastries and simple nutritious meals. They also learn about menu planning, nutrition, budgeting, product creation and evaluation, as well as developing skills and techniques in food preparation. Projects will be completed throughout the year.

The Voice
This course is for those who love to sing. You will learn breathing techniques to support and create a depth of tone to your singing voice and you will also learn how to extend your vocal range. A variety of styles such as Jazz, Pop, Blues, Soul, Theatre and Classical music will be taught from the past and present. You will sing in small and large vocal ensembles and have the opportunity for performances throughout the year.

Year 8, 9 and 10
Each student studies both Core and Elective subjects.

  • Where courses have been written, the Australian Curriculum is the basis for our subjects.
  • Results in Australian Curriculum Subjects is based upon an end-of-year assessment of achievement against a published Standard. A "C" is the expected result and should be celebrated. An "A" or "B" is a much more rare result.
  • Students are also expected to continue their participation in the Reflection Day as part of a program that runs from Year 7, culminating in the Year 12 Retreat

Core Subjects Year 8
In addition to the Year 9/10 Core subjects, Year 8 students undertake a language. At the College, this is either: French, Japanese; or Indonesian.

All change of subject requests must go to the Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching for approval. All requests are to be made via a Subject Change Request Form and must have parent signature. These forms can be obtained from the Deputy Principals' Assistant, Diane Saltmarsh.

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