Year 9-10 Subjects

Year 9-10 Subjects - Here you can see the different subjects Year 9-10's are offered

Year 9-10 Subjects

CORE Subjects
- Religious Studies
- English
- Mathematics
- Science
- History
- Health & Physical Education

OPTION Subjects

Science Faculty
- Agricultural Science
- Science Extended
- Year 10 Advanced Science

Mathematics Faculty
- Year 9 Mathematics Extended
- Year 10 Mathematics Advanced
- Year 10 Mathematics Methods

Humanities and Social Science Faculty
- Business, Enterprise and Technology
- Introduction to Sociology and Psychology
- Year 10 Introduction to Sociology and Psychology TASC2C

English & LOTE Faculty
- English Writing
- Year 9 Japanese
- Year 10 Japanese
- Year 9 French
- Year 10 French

Arts Faculty
- Drama
- Dance: Choreography, Technique and Performance
- Production
- Music
- Innovative Music
- Music Australian Curriculum
- Media Arts
- Visual Art

Health and Physical Education Faculty
- Human Performance
- Sport Science Foundation TASC2C
- Sport for Girls
- Sport for Boys

Technology Faculty
- Introductory Robotics
- Applied Engineering
- Design in wood
- F1 Engineering and Design
- Computer Graphics and Design
- Automotive Technology
- Design in Metal
- Food Studies & Hospitality
- Hairdressing
- Lifestyle and Fashion
- Technical Graphics

Information Technology Faculty
- Computing A
- Computing B

Year 9 and 10:
Each student studies both Core and Elective subjects.

  • Where courses have been written, the Australian Curriculum is the basis for our subjects.
  • Results in Australian Curriculum Subjects is based upon an end-of-year assessment of achievement against a published Standard. A "C" is the expected result and should be celebrated. An "A" or "B" is a much more rare result.
  • Students are also expected to continue their participation in the Reflection Day as part of a program that runs from Year 7, culminating in the Year 12 Retreat

Elective Subjects

  • Students undertake three (3) electives from the subjects described throughout this handbook.
  • Students are advised that a balanced curriculum from the Key Learning Areas is desirable.

All change of subject requests must go to the Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching for approval. All requests are to be made via a Subject Change Request Form and must have parent signature. These forms can be obtained from the Deputy Principals' Assistant, Mrs Saltmarsh.

To download the Subject Handbook as a PDF, please click here.