Do our Best, be Safe & Welcome Diversity

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Achievement Slogan

What does it mean to Do our Best, be Safe & Welcome Diversity

Do our Best

  • We recognise that what is equally important is the effort that is made, not just the outcome achieved. Not all Olympians can achieve a Gold Medal. The swimmer who ends in fourth place, but has swum a personal best time is equally worthy of praise. We can ask no more of a person than to do the best that they can. This can be in their study and in how they conduct themselves.

Be Safe

  • Young minds are not fully 'wired' to appreciate the connection between an action and possible consequences. Every adult shudders at some of the things we may have done in our youth and, with the wisdom that comes with age, recognise how lucky we have been to avert tragedy. By making this aspiration to be safe explicit, we are trying to encourage the College community to develop their thinking.

Welcome Diversity

  • The obvious interpretation is that we want to celebrate difference and not to use it as an opportunity to diminish a person. However, this element of our aspirational goal is so much more. We want people to welcome different ways of doing things and different ways of thinking about things - not just welcoming differences in people.

We value:

  • Caritas when we:
    • Work for equity and justice; and
    • Promote compassion
  • Community when we:
    • Cultivate positive relationships; and
    • Nurture a positive learning environment
  • Learning when we:
    • Allow each student the opportunity to achieve their best;
    • Contribute to a culture of excellence; and
    • Participate fully in all of our lessons
  • Openness when we:
    • Are open to new ways of doing; and
    • Foster good communication
  • Responsibility when we:
    • Accept the consequences of our actions;
    • Care for the environment and others; and
    • Are honest and build trust