English is a core subject in Years 7-10.

Year 7

Students in year 7 undertake English as part of the specially developed programme for this year level, to ease their transition from primary school to secondary school.

Years 8 -10

Students in years 8-10 undertake courses which give them an opportunity to develop communication skills in reading, spelling, writing, speech and performance. They are exposed to a variety of print and visual texts including traditional and contemporary fiction, mass media such as newspapers, magazines and film, as well as everyday texts including areas such as advertising, instructions and multimedia.

In these years, efforts are made to identify areas which cause problems for students, so that they may receive assistance within the classroom. Modified courses are available to students with special needs. Students may participate in the RAGE (Read and Get Enjoyment) programme conducted in conjunction with the Library or other wide reading activities. Students are also encouraged to participate in a number of selected creative writing, poetry, journalism and language competitions.

The emphasis continues to be on giving students as wide a variety of experiences as possible, and to develop their communication and critical skills. There is an optional subject, English Writing available to students in Years 9 and 10 who enjoy or wish to develop skills in this creative area.

Years 11 and 12

Students may study English as a pre-tertiary subject (TQA Level 3). Many students choose to do so because of their interest in literature, writing or communications and the mass media; others choose English because they know it is a pre-requisite for many tertiary courses. At present, the College offers three pre-tertiary subjects in this area, English Studies, English Communications and English Writing. More information about these subjects may be accessed from the TQA website.

English is also offered as a preparatory subject or for general skill improvement at TQA Level 1-2.

Mr Graeme Brookes
Faculty Head of English