Excursions & Camp

Year 7 Camp - Here you will be informed about the Year 7 start of year camp
Year 7 Reflection Days - Here you will be informed about what reflection days mean at SBSC
Year 7 Excursions - Here you will be informed about excursions SBSC offers

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp is held during the first term of school at Camp Clayton. Year 7 camp aims to build relationships between students, and between staff and students. It is aimed at enabling students to challenge themselves and to step outside their comfort zone. It is part of the St. Brendan- Shaw College transition of students into secondary school. Staff that attend camp are Year 7 teachers with preference given to the Year 7 core teachers. In 2016, students attended Camp Clayton for two nights of fun and adventure on the activities that are on offer there.

Year 7 Reflection Days

The Year 7 Reflection Days occur near the beginning of Term 2 and are held at the MacKillop Hill Spirituality Centre in Forth. The theme of the days is based around the famous verse of scripture from the Gospel of Matthew (5: 13-16) - You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world. These are facilitated by the College's Youth Ministry and Spirituality class and the Coordinator of Ministry.

Year 7 Excursions

Teachers are always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience. These experiences include both visiting individuals and offsite trips. For example, in 2016 "Off the Planet" provided an alternative way of introducing astronomy. Physical Education activities take students away from the campus and they had the excitement of participating in an on location shoot for the cooking show: Ben's Menu. Year 7 core classes have participated in Cows Create Careers and have found this very rewarding. Excursions are vetted through a comprehensive Risk Management process and require a link to their curriculum. Costs are incorporated into school fees and, very rarely is there any additional expense. Groups have participated in Eisteddfods both as College groups or individual performances. The College supports students who have particular, non-school interests (eg participating in Agricultural Shows) and recognises the importance of this.