Fees are paid in nine installments at the beginning of each month from March to November, inclusive. Payment should be made within 30 days. Alternative payments installments are available.

Payments of accounts can be made by cash, cheque, B-Pay, Centrepay, EFTPOS and Direct Debit facilities are available.

A family discount system operates for multiple enrolments and application to the Business & Operations Manager must be made each year.

Annual Fees for 2016 are as follows:

Grade 7 - 8 $3221

Grade 9 - 10 $3352

Grade 11 - 12 $3477

Fees include expendable items used by students in various subjects, and the annual College Year Book, available in February of the following year. They also cover costs associated with Retreats or Reflection Days and most excursions as well as Mathematics, Science, English and language competitions. On occasions teachers may request other payment for sporting registrations that are forwarded to the relevant third party, or unbudgeted excursions. These are kept to a minimum.

Board Reductions

Reduction in schools fees for special circumstances may be made following application to the Business & Operations Manager with an interview of applicants being part of this process. Such applications should be made as early as possible in the school year and need to be made each year. Confidentiality in relation to such applications is maintained


Parents are asked to make a voluntary tax deductable contribution to the Building Fund, a suggested amount is $100.00 per family each year. Statements are forwarded regularly.


Prior to new Government funding arrangements, eligible families were able to apply for funding from the State Government under STAS. With the introduction of Students First Funding in 2014 the method of payment of Government funding from both the State and Commonwealth has changed. STAS has been incorporated into the overall funding paid to the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission for distribution to Catholic schools such as St Brendan-Shaw College in this State. It is no longer separately paid by the Department of Education to each school on application by individual families and as such the Department of Education will no longer assess eligibility for STAS.

As we see it important that the College continues to offer assistance to families who feel they could benefit from financial support with school fees and other costs we have introduced an in-house assistance program at St Brendans-Shaw, which can be applied for by filling in the 'Tuition Assistance Form' which is available from the Caritas office. The eligibility income level criteria and proof of income are the same as the former STAS program. We will also provide the same level of assistance as if you had applied for STAS as in previous years.


A $50 non-refundable enrolment application fee applies