Fun & Friends

Fun - Talks to you about camps, excursions and other fun days the college offers
Friends - Many opportunities to make these


Camps & Excursions

Year 7 Camp
The Year 7 Camp provides an opportunity for students to develop their relationships with peers and also with the staff who are core to their time at school. It presents some physically challenging opportunities along with an opportunity to connect in a safe and well structured environment.

Year 10 Pathways

Year 11 TirNaNog
The Year 11 Camp and Year 12 Retreat are currently held simultaneously in the second week of Term 3. Year 11 Camp is an overnight stay at the Riverbend Youth Centre in Smithton. The Camp challenges Year 11 students to consider themselves as leaders in the College community and challenges what they understand leadership to be. The Camp's name, Tir na nOg, comes from the story and journey of Irish Saint, Saint Brendan, after whom the College is named.

Year 12 Retreat
The Year 11 Camp and Year 12 Retreat are currently held simultaneously in the second week of Term 3. Year 12 Retreat is held over three days and two nights at Camp Clayton in Ulverstone. The Retreat is called 'The Road Ahead'. On the Retreat the students reflect upon the journey that has led them to where they are now; where and who they are at the moment; and who, where and what they want to be, go and do in the future and what tools they have to help them on that journey.


Pep Rally
This ia a long standing tradition at SBSC, where every year the houses come together and students from all year levels work togetehr towards a funny and inspiring act to start the Athletics Carnival.


Fun Days

Founders' Day
The College's Founders' Day is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the founders of the College and those responsible for its existence. On Founders' Day, usually held in Term 3, formal classes finish at the end of Period 4. Students gather for an assembly where we reflect upon those who establish St Brendan-Shaw College and the history of the College...

Then the celebrations begin! The prefects organise many and varied activities, food and drink to be enjoyed for the afternoon. Live music, FIFA and Sing Star competitions, BBQ, Sweets, Zorb Balls, Padded/Cosutmed Sumo Wrestling, and the ever-popular soak-the-teacher are just some of the numerous features of the festivities! It is an enjoyable way to remember those who are responsible for, and influential, in the College's existence.

Talent Quest


Theatre Productions

End of year days


And of course there are the excursions...


At SBSC we believe it is important that no student feels left out and we take action to make this happen.

Building Resilient Adults Program

Elevation Program


Vertical Homerooms


Drum Beat

Pastoral Care team