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How we prepare you

How we prepare you

Student Talk

Jordyn Townsend: "It's a great community in which one can receive support in any circumstance, whether it be school or non-school related, from all over - students, teachers and other staff members."

Fletcher Clarke: "The teachers at St Brendan-Shaw College are incredibly supportive, especially in Years 11 & 12. They are invested in our future to ensure that we strive for excellence."

Emma Lefevre: "The way in which the the senior year levels of the school are encouraged to participate at all school events allows all of us to build meaningful relationships."

Sam Curtis: "Whilst undertaking my schooling at St Brendan-Shaw College I have been given the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and extra-curricular activities and have never had an issue with finding support in combining this with my academic studies"

Angus Yeates: "The combination of social activities along with the high level education has made my time at St Brendan-Shaw College very enjoyable."

Alex Bouma: "Year 11 & 12 at SBSC has been great, the activities outside of the classroom like the sports carnivals or the ball give us great memories to take with us after our schooling."

Matilda Lutwyche: "If you are fortunate enough to be a Year 11 or 12 student at SBSC, you are given so many valuable experiences both in and out of the classroom and build such wonderful relationships with not only your peers but teachers too."

Liam Lamprey: "The Year 11 and 12 ordeal at St Brendan-Shaw College administers an etiquette degree of opportunities authorising the College's students to marvel at the diverse spectrum awarded as only a fraction of the Senior adventure."

Year 12 Leavers 2015

Alumni Talk

By Laura Wood

Thank you to SBSC for all of the warm wishes. It is such an honour to be able to represent my country and especially at the most important and most highly regarded event. To have your support like I have ever since commencing at the College in 2008 has been such a great experience and makes me proud to be a former student. The letter of congratulations made me ponder with excitement to know that I have the support of a community which means so much to me and has helped me along the way!

Jacob Templeton (Class of 2013)
2016 Paralympian

I would like to thank Frank Pisano and the staff their at St Brendan's for a fantastic education which has enabled myself to go on and achieve some pretty neat things in the health and fitness industry. I have attached a newspaper article which ran recently in the Advocate in and also in Victorian newspapers.

Former St Brendan's Shaw student is turning pages in the health and fitness industry.
The former Tasmanian and St Brendan's Shaw College student has, over the past 15 years, been forging a career within the health and fitness industry. One of his career highlights is recently co-writing and self publishing a healthy recipe magazine. After graduating at St Brendan's in 2001 Kallum furthered his education at a tertiary level and by 2005 had finished a Bachelor of Science. Since this time he has pursued a career coaching people towards healthier, fitter lifestyles. We caught up with Kallum when he was home visiting family in Ulverstone. "My favourite subject at St Brendan's was science but had no idea my education would lead me to a career in fitness." he said surprised. "It has been an unbelievable journey and so rewarding helping people better themselves". He encourages all students to continue their studies in Maths and English because of their "real world" application.
Kallum Fidoe (BSc)

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