Health and Physical Education: is a compulsory subject in years 7-10. The HPE curriculum is guided by the proposed Australian HPE Curriculum, aiming to develop knowledge, skills and understanding across the learning area. This learning area aims to develop the person as a whole, integrating the Health and Physical components taught. Students engage in regular movement bases activities, allowing them to develop a variety of cognitive and social skills. The activities undertaken are done so in an environment that encourages participation, providing everyone the opportunity to learn in a friendly and welcoming environment. Complementing these lessons, all year levels undertake study focusing on personal, social and community health, acquiring skills and knowledge that allows them to make sound and informed decisions relating to their health.

Year 9/10 Electives: Students studying in Years 9 and 10 are allowed to select three elective subjects to study. In the HPE domain, we currently offer two electives: Human Performance and Sport for Girls.

Human Performance, as the name suggests, looks into the factors that influence sporting performance (Sport Science). To do this we offer a variety of strands for this subject, these being Netball, Football, Basketball (offered in 2015) and Generic. These strands allow for the delivery of the course through sports that the students are interested, allowing them, where possible, to experience the concepts taught in real situations. The generic class caters for students who's interest lies outside the three mentioned sports.

Sport for Girls is being offered for the first time in 2015. This subject is practical in nature and aims to offer girls the opportunity to get out and participate in a variety of sports in an all-girls setting. The course aims to engage students in sporting activities who, without this, may not be meeting recommended levels of physical activity. Girls who already have a high commitment to sport both within and outside the College may like to consider an alternative elective.

In Senior Secondary, the department offers four subjects under the Health and Physical Education banner, both pre tertiary and non pre-tertiary.

Pre Tertiary

Sports Science

Health Studies

Non Pre Tertiary

Physical Recreation

Athlete Development

Outdoor Education

Physical Recreation:

This subject provides students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities which may allow them to develop a healthy lifestyle once completed. It provides students with the opportunity to continue to be physically active whilst in Senior Secondary. Students participate in a range of individual, team, recreational and fitness related activities.

Athlete Development:

Athlete Development gives students the opportunity to complete elements of their training program whilst encouraging the development of theoretical and practical competencies necessary for improving athletic performance. Components include; measuring your sports performance, improving your time management, learning the benefits of nutrition, personal injury prevention and improving your psychological preparation in your chosen sport.

Sport Science:

Sport Science 3C is designed for students who wish to expand their skills and understanding in sport science through theoretical and applied understanding of the factors which influence sporting performance. This includes the areas of physiology of exercise, motor behaviour and the psychological factors that affect sporting performance. Sport Science 3C is a pre tertiary subject, externally examined at the end of the year.

Sport Science Foundation 2C is offered for students who may wish to study in the area, but not at a pre tertiary level. It is also a good stepping stone for those wishing to study at a pre tertiary level but have not studied Human Performance in Year 9 or 10. This course aims to develop an understanding of the importance of physical activity, sport, recreation and fitness and also looks into factors that influence sporting performance.

Health Studies:

Health Studies 3C provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in health and health related issues through the investigation of personal, Australian and Worldwide health issues. It is an excellent stepping stone for any student wishing to undertake study or employment in the Health industry including; nursing, the various forms of medicine and the health and fitness industry.

Outdoor Education:

Outdoor Education is designed to foster the development of independence and self-sufficiency within the context of outdoor recreational activities. Skills and knowledge will be developed through theoretical learning and experiences in a range of outdoor activities. 2015 is the first time that this course has been offered.

Steven Ryan
Head of Health and Physical Education