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Vertical Homerooms

At St Brendan-Shaw College we have vertical homerooms, which means that Year 7 students from day 1 get to meet and interact with Year 11 and 12 students. This gives them a better sense of security as the gap between them becomes smaller and they can learn from students of all different year levels.

Each of our students is under the specific care of a Homeroom Teacher. There are seven homerooms in each of the four College Houses and each homeroom group consists of students from Years 7 to 12. As far as is possible, we endeavour to keep a student in the same homeroom, with the same Homeroom Teacher, for the duration of their time at the College.

We are attempting to facilitate an atmosphere in which every student:

  • is known very well by at least two adults, the Homeroom Teacher and the Head of House
  • relates more closely with students of all age groups
  • feels secure in the wider school community
  • knows that they are valued for who they are, rather than for what they do
  • can have minor concerns in every day school life addressed in a realistic and constructive way

Houses & House Heads

The College has four houses. These houses have students of different year levels and classes, who get together and participate in sport challenges. This creates a bond and a feeling of belonging where students get to know students from other classes and years. This contributes to the school community bond. Each house has a Head of House, which is a teacher dedicated to a specific house.

A Head of House coordinates the activities of the whole House and works closely with Class Teachers and students within the respective Houses. They are always available to both parents and students. At the centre of our strong pastoral care system are our house heads. They are the first point of contact if ever in doubt in regards to who you need to talk to about your child. Pictured below are the House Heads. Our pastoral care system is designed so that each child has at least 2 adults who know them well, their House Head and their Homeroom Teacher. The Homeroom Teacher does this through daily interactions - it is not simply a roll marking exercise but a time where they engage with staff and each other to ensure they are supported and known at the College. House Heads get to know students through their daily presence in the students' house areas and also through their support of students during their achievements and crises. They can be reached by contacting the office or via email.

  • MacKillop (Gold) - MacKillop takes its name from Blessed Mary MacKillop, co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Lyons (Red) - Lyons takes its name from Joseph Lyons, Australia's only Tasmanian Prime Minister and his wife, Dame Enid Lyons, the first woman member of the Federal Parliament.
  • Dillon (Green) - Dillon is named after Br Patrick Dillon, the first Principal of St Brendan's College.
  • Griffin (Blue) - Griffin takes its name from Fr Griffin, Parish Priest of Devonport in 1960, the year Catholic Education began on the current James street site.