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Information for Parents

The following information is provided to assist parents at the beginning of the school year.

Leadership team
Frank Pisano - Principal
Kim Walters - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care - Assists students and parents with enquiries related to student wellbeing.
Gavin Hicks - Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching - Assists students and parents with enquiries related to school studies.
Kamil Douglas - Coordinator of Ministry
Kelly Hicks - Daily Planner
Debbie Clarke - Business and Operations Manager

General Procedures and Information
1. In order that learning is not affected, please avoid appointments during school hours.
2. We ask all parents to contact the school should their child be absent and inform the school as to the reason why.
3. For unexplained absences, an SMS will be sent out to parents. This usually occurs before 10:00am each day.
4. On receiving the SMS, we would ask parents to contact the school as confirmation that their child is absent. The school also requires a reason why the absence is occurring.
5. Should there be no reply to the SMS by 1:30pm of the same day, time permitting a member of the school office staff will contact the parent or guardian in order to seek confirmation that they are aware their student is absent and an explanation as to why.

College events such as the sporting carnivals and Founders Day are important for building school spirit and building connections to the College and the College community. All students are expected to attend College events.

1. From 8:20 am supervision is provided, in the following areas:
a. St Brendan's quadrangle
b. St Mary's Courtyard/Undercover area
c. Outside the Shaw building.
Students must be in one of these supervised locations and must not leave the College grounds once they have arrived at school.
2. After school, students are to vacate all buildings ASAP, unless supervised.
3. The Bus lay-by is for the transit of bus passengers only.

The College canteen operates from Monday to Friday, at recess and lunch times.

Students will be made aware of the College's emergency procedures during each year.

  • Partial lockdown is generally a non-human threat (e.g. storm, etc.).
  • Full lockdown is generally a human threat (real or possible) and refers to an intruder on the property or a situation deemed dangerous for students.
    The procedures for those lockdowns are not often practised but students are informed of the procedures and teachers are also briefed upon them throughout the year.
  • Fire evacuation - procedures for this are practised at least twice during the year.


08.45 - 09.33 Period 1
09.33 - 10.21 Period 2
10.21 - 10.41 Recess
10.45 - 11.33 Period 3
11.33 - 12.21 Period 4
12.25 - 12.40 Pastoral Care
12.40 - 01.20 Lunch
01.24 - 02.12 Period 5
02.12 - 03.00 Period 6

Lockers remain the property of the College, can be inspected at any time with or without student permission, and should not have graffiti put on them or damaged in any way.LOCKERS
Every student in the College is supplied with a locker and a lock. Students who lose locks will be asked to purchase a new one from the Caritas office. Locker combinations should not be shared with other students, nor should lockers be shared with other students.

  • Students should store all belongings in their locker and keep the lock on it. The school will not be held responsible for items which have gone missing from a locker which has not been locked.
  • For security and safety reasons, bags should remain in students' lockers throughout the day. Bags do not travel to and from class or around the College during the school day. Students are permitted to take their bag to their PE class to transport their PE gear. Most backpack style bags will fit into the smallest lockers that the College provides.
  • Breaches of locker security should be reported to the House Head or Deputy Principal Pastoral Care.

All medication sent to school must come in its original container with the instructions provided by the pharmacist. A specific permission form must accompany the medication. This is available at the Caritas office.

The school will not be held responsible for the loss of any phone, iPod, etc. The use of technology is at the discretion of individual teachers, but students must first gain teacher permission to use any personal technology. If these guidelines are not followed, any staff member can confiscate the phone or music players. Students will be able to collect these from the Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care) at the end of the school week. Parents may wish to come and collect it earlier.
Parents are asked not to contact their children via mobile phone during the school day, especially during lesson time.

The Newsletter, containing College news and information will be emailed home every Thursday. It is also published on our website If you have not already done so, please supply the College with the email address(es) to which you would like the newsletter sent.

During the school day students should not be off the school property or out-of-bounds without a teacher supervising. Out-of-bounds areas (within the property) include in the ditch at the back of the oval, inside buildings at recess and lunch, the James and Sorell Street sides of the Brendan block and in student and staff car parks.

All students are expected to do their best, be safe and welcome diversity at all times, even when travelling to and from school. Having arrived at school, all students are expected to remain on the property.

  • Students who ride to school are required to wear a helmet by law. Bikes can be left in the bike racks outside the Edmund Rice Centre (MDT building).
  • Students who travel to school by car should be dropped off in a safe area. The College recommends using the turning circle at the front of the school.
  • Students who travel to school by bus should show responsible behaviour on the bus, follow the guidelines set in place by the bus company and show respect to all other passengers. The College will support the bus companies in ensuring safe and respectful behaviour on the buses. Details about bus routes can be found on the College website. Students should not be getting off the bus before reaching the College.
  • Senior students who drive to school are asked to sign a MOU at the beginning of the year where further details are given. Parents must give permission for their children to travel in a car with a student as driver.

On days of inclement weather, students may access the Brendan block, the Undercover area and the Library. For Year 7 students only, the breakout spaces of the Westcourt area are also open and supervised. The College also endeavours to hold fun sporting competitions at lunchtime in the Nazareth Gym during the winter months.

Each student is placed in a House group for their time at the College. This forms the basis of our pastoral care structure. House Coordinators are as follows:

Dillon House Head - Elle Woodcock
Griffin House Head - Caitlin Baxter
Lyons House Head - Hector Lenton
MacKillop House HEad - Jo-Anne Hoare
In the event of uncertainty, the House Coordinator will be able to direct you as to the appropriate action.

I am concerned about the progress of my child in a particular subject?
The first point of call should always be the subject teacher.

I am concerned about the learning environment in a particular subject?
Again, it is best to ring the subject teacher first. You may also choose to ring either the Head of Faculty or the Deputy Principal (Learning and Teaching)

I am concerned about my child's well-being?
Contact your child's Homeroom teacher or House Head or Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care).

I am concerned my child is being bullied or harassed at school?
Contact should be made with your child's House Head or Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care).

Our family situation has changed (e.g. living arrangements, contact numbers, etc)?
Contact should be made to the Caritas Reception Office.