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All students in all Year Levels 7-12 are required to bring their own personal computing device to school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of device would be required?

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Recommendations

Students bring their own computing device for their learning. The College does not specify any particular device, however, we provide the following advice:

The College strongly recommends the following as a guide for the best student device:

  1. A laptop. Some, with a touch screen, have a 2 in 1 facility that allows the keyboard to fold flat and the device can become similar to a tablet;

  2. A minimum screen size of 10 inches, but a larger size may be more comfortable for students.

  3. A minimum 2GB RAM will suffice, but a 4GB or greater size RAM is a better and preferred option.

  4. Wifi network connectivity.

  5. Hard Drive space of 16GB minimum, with a preferred 32GB or greater value.

  6. A sufficiently long battery life to last a full day on a single charge.

The College does not endorse any particular brand or type of device, nor any particular retailer.

In line with the ICT vision, the College encourages the use of the Google suite (G-Suite) of programs. On enrolment, every student receives a Google account. This allows them access to a College provided G-mail address, G-Drive and Google Calendar. Together with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google slides, students can use documents that are very similar to Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The advantage of these, however, is that they are free, use 'cloud' storage. This means that students can access their work from any device that has access to the internet. Also, if internet connectivity is a problem, students can set certain document settings that will allow them to work on them 'offline'. When they reconnect to the internet, these documents automatically 'sync' and update the 'online' file(s).

These programs will run on any device that has internet connectivity. Again, in line with our ICT vision, if a student is using online platforms, parents may consider investigating a Chromebook. Chromebooks are robust and cost effective machines but they cannot install standard MS Office software. They can, however open/edit MS Office files using free, online platforms such as Google Docs.

In addition, you are able to contact our ICT Manager, Mr Nathan Sharp. Mr Sharp has been instrumental in developing these guidelines. As a parent of students here at the College he has an appreciation of a range of issues that have contributed to the development of these guidelines.

What if I can't afford a device?
As a College we are concerned that no student is disadvantaged. Families with particular financial concerns are strongly encouraged to contact the Business & Operations Manager, Ms. Debbie Clarke, to discuss individual options.

What about charging and batteries?
We expect student devices to be able to run all day without recharging. We obviously have some power points available in the College but we would like to avoid the inconvenience to students of having to be concerned with charging and power supplies at school.

What about security?
Locked lockers provide a safe place to store devices. It is timely to remind students not to share lockers, nor disclose lock combination codes.

What if the device is broken?
Responsibility for care of the device rests with the student. Some parents have been able to include the device as part of their Home and Contents insurance. Details should be sought from your insurer. The College insurance does not cover student owned equipment.

What about technical assistance?
The College can provide assistance with connecting student devices to the school network but is not able to provide other support.

Will the College still have Computers available for students?
Desktop computers (together with all the necessary software) will continue to be available in the library and in specialist computer labs.

We look forward to working in partnership with you and your son or daughter and welcome any further queries.