We live in an increasingly globalised world and cultural diversity broadens society and shares wisdom. Therefore, developing language skills is a part of national capacity building. Furthermore, studying another language improves literacy in our own language.

The college offers three languages for study.

In year 7, students study French and Japanese. In subsequent years they may have the opportunity to select these as an option.


In the classroom emphasis is put on French as a means of communication. The student is encouraged to use the language, both written and oral, and to explore the language using song, film, poetry, newspapers and magazines as well as the more traditional textbooks.
For senior students with no previous knowledge of the language, it is possible to complete an accelerated introductory course in Year 11 and then the pre-tertiary course in Year 12, although in this case it is advisable that the student have some prior experience of study of a second language.

Mr Jim McCullough
French Moderator


Japanese at St. Brendan-Shaw College aims to develop student skills and knowledge so that they are able to:

  • use that language competently and confidently to communicate with others in spoken and written forms.
  • read and listen accurately and develop sound comprehension.
  • develop a deep awareness of the culture related to that language.

Some of the themes will include studies of families, food and drink, places and directions, hobbies and sports, shopping, weather and climate.

Miss Kaoru Sherriff
Japanese teacher