Year 11 and 12 area

Here at St Brendan-Shaw College we are constantly seeking the best learning environment for our students. When it comes to private study, we need to be flexible as different students study better in different environments. Our senior students currently have opportunities for quiet study in the library or some more relaxed study in the Science Breakout Area. Now we are adding to this our cafeteria area which is becoming a flexible study area. The recent addition of sliding doors, couches, benches and USB charging stations meansour Year 11 and 12 students now have the opportunity to study in a variety of ways - as small study groups oras individuals -with the added ability to charge their devices and have excellent connection to the internet.

But as a leading centre of education in the North West, we also have to look to the future, so towards the end of this year the College will beginStage 1 ofan excitingrevitalisation of our Tenison Woods block to turn it into a contemporary learning area for our senior students. Featuring revamped classrooms and a senior study breakout area, it will provide our Year 11 and 12 students with some of the best facilities in the North West to learn, study and flourish. The changes will take place over a number of years so as not to disrupt the learning of our students, but the results will be worth the wait.

St Brendan-Shaw College has always had a proud tradition of excellent academicresults from our senior students, along with them leaving school as resilient young adults. As we move into the future of education and all of the changes that it entails, we aim once more to "stay ahead of the game" in all facets of education so our students are not just ready for university or ready for work, but, most importantly, ready for life.