Opportunities Year 12

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Opportunities Year 12

SBSC offer students activities that willl help to develop themselves more broadly.

College Captains
The two Captains lead a team of 16 College Prefects. The Prefects are elected by their peers at the end of the previous year and are chosen to represent both the College and their peers for a full academic year. (Four of this group are elected from Year 11). Throughout the year, the Prefects host various events around the College such as fundraisers, socials, a talent quest, and many more. The vast majority of funds raised through Prefect-run events are donated to charities such as Canteen and Beyond Blue.

At SBSC, students in the junior years are able to run for the position of House Councillor. These students are also elected by their peers to not only represent their House and Year Level, but to assist the Prefects and wider College community at events such as Founders' Day and pep rallies.

These positions of student leadership help in preparing our students to take on not only more responsibility in their personal lives, but more pride in everything they do.

Examples are:

  • Leadership opportunties (Prefects, roles within like Treasurer, Secretary etc)
  • Ball Committee
  • Sporting Captain
  • Vinnies Charity Group
  • Wellbeing Group
  • Environmental Group
  • Youth Parliament
  • Debating
  • Lions Youth of the Year
  • Biennial College Production