Administrative Structure

The structure explanation - Here you will find a list of our structure
The schematic - Here you will find the list explained in a schematic


Deputy Principals - The College has two Deputy Principals.

  • The Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care assumes responsibility for the wellbeing of the students and works closely with the Heads of House and College Counsellors.
  • The Deputy Principal of Learning and Teaching assumes responsibility for the academic program that the College offers and works closely with the Futures and Pathways Planner and Heads of Faculty.

Heads of House

A Head of House coordinates the activities of the whole House and works closely with teachers and students within the respective Houses. They are always available to both parents and students.

Head of Faculty

A Head of Faculty coordinates the subject areas, and works closely with the Deputy Principal (Learning & Teaching).

Senior School Coordinator

A Senior Secondary Coordinator compliments the work of the Heads of House, but has the specific care of Year 10 to 12 students as a focus.

Junior School Coordinator

The Junior School Coordinator's role is to enable the smooth transition of students from primary to secondary school.


    Communication Chart for Students and Parents

    The purpose of this chart is to aid parents and students who are not sure who to contact in certain situations.
    We encourage all students and parents to take a look at the chart and, the next time an issue arises where you feel you need to contact the school, to refer to the chart.

    We hope this will benefit both families and the school in achieving easy, open and transparent communication.