Parent-Teacher Evenings

Formal meetings are conducted twice yearly and these dates are published on the College calendar. Parents are encouraged to make contact with the school informally at any time.

Parents & Friends

It is important that parents have a representative association to provide a voice. The Parent Forum was meant to provide this; however, many parents are not clear about what role they can take in this. School P & F associations are well recognised by parents as their representative association. St Brendan-Shaw College has sought to provide a forum for parents on educational matters rather than on fundraising. This remains a focus, but by adopting a more traditional P&F structure, the association is more easily identifiable.

On Wednesday 10 October 2012 a small group of parents met. Plans have been made to build the colleges P&F Association. Details will be in the college newsletter. The Association Draft Constitution has not yet been ratified. This draft can be previewed here.