Pastoral Care

St Brendan-Shaw College endeavours to educate students in accordance with such Gospel values as community, faith, hope, reconciliation, courage, service, commitment, justice, forgiveness and love. We also aim to develop within students, greater self-discipline and more of a sense of individual responsibility.

General rights

Every member of our community - students, staff and parents - has the right to:

  • feel safe and be safe;
  • feel supported and be supported;
  • not be harassed or bullied, belittled or ridiculed;
  • learn and play in a calm and rewarding environment;
  • be proud of themselves, their achievements and the College.

Rights are always associated with responsibilities and procedures have been established to ensure the welfare of all in our community.

In practice, at St Brendan-Shaw College:

  • Pastoral Care refers to the total expression of community care for one another.
  • Our school community seeks to provide a holistic understanding of the growth of the human person and is committed to the values of learning, community, openness, caritas, and responsibility.
  • Pastoral Care aims to provide effective networks of care: everyone in the school community has the right to be safe in the school environment and has the responsibility to be involved in pastoral care.
  • Pastoral Care involves a partnership with parents and fosters trust and communication between home and school. It provides a forum of parental input into many aspects of College life and provides opportunities for parental involvement.
  • Pastoral Care aims to develop self-discipline and individual responsibility.

College expectations are framed to encourage respect, support learning and highlight that an individual's responsibility to a community comes at the expense of individual freedoms. It is difficult to pre-empt every situation, so we encourage the following practice:

  • The behaviour and dress of students at school needs to be appropriate for a school environment.
  • The College reserves the right to make judgments in relation to this.
  • If you are unsure of the appropriateness or otherwise of a change to hairstyle, clothing or the like, contact the College before making a financial commitment
  • Students bring valuables to school at their own risk.

From 2012 the College has formally adopted a Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) process to nurture a happy community where each person is valued and encouraged to do their best.

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