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Pathways Information

Pathways support offered in senior schooling is very practical and focused on planning and working towards a personal pathway. Throughout the year we offer many information sessions to students; ranging from UTAS liaisons discussing new courses, pathways into the University etc, to experts from particular fields of study sharing their experience in particular faculty areas (for example: Engineering, Health etc). We also offer our own internal information sessions regarding aligning subject selection to career pathway, while ensuring students are able to meet their own TCE and/or ATAR requirements.

Students are supported in their subject selection choices for University Applications and/or Vocational Learning Pathways by the Careers Advisors employed by the College.

Jillian Brandsema and Diane Saltmarsh are available to all students for one-on-one interviews (see Careers for more information).

Pathways Interviews

In your Senior Years the College will help you prepare for the future. You can make an appoinment with Jillian Brandsema or Diane Saltmarsh and go over options around the courses you need to choose to get into the study and career pathway you want to take. They can help you with looking at the difference between universities, traineeships and other possibilities. The College and these coordinators will help you with pathways and careers advice.

Coordinator & Support

Jillian Brandsema is the Careers and Pathway Coordinator and she can be contacted via email or in person.

You can make an appointment or walk into the Careers office in the Admin Tuition Building.

You can send her an email to make an appointment: