Prepare for the future

Pathways - Here you will find information on how Year 7 is already involved in our pathways

Pathways Year 7

St Brendan-Shaw College prepares their students in all Year levels in different ways for the future. In Year 7 this is done via activities during camp and reflections as well as in the class room. There is the benefit of doing High School and College in the same school - this reduces the transitions and stress on students; they have teachers that know and support them for their entire school journey.

Students during Year 7 study a variety of subjects which enable them to make informed decisions with regards to their future. With a variety of taster subjects on offer such as: French, Japanese, Art, Applied Technology, Food and Textiles, Music and Drama.

From 2017, students will also study Information Technology, a new subject which will allow them to learn new skills such as programing and also how data is stored and influences their lives.

If you want to know more about where students from St Brendan-Shaw College end up, please have a look under our students and Alumni testemonies.

If students have any questions, the doors in the Careers Office and Junior Coordinator are always open.