To be still - to take time to reflect - is not encouraged by Western culture. We eat fast food, drive fast cars and want accelerated access to the Internet. So it is not surprising that some do not yet value learning how to be reflective - to be comfortable with solitude; to be unafraid to look inwards or to go deeper.

In a time when more and more demands are being made on everyone, it is very important that people are able to develop the reflective side of their human nature. We do this at the college through a coordinated and effective program of Reflection Days.

In Years 7 to 10, each Religious Studies class spends one day away from school. This Reflection Day are coordinated, organised and facilitated by the College's Ministry and Religious Education Coordinator. The student's Religious Studies teacher generally accompanies them.. The program is developmental, with each year level focusing on a theme. The theme will usually be decided by what the students are studying in class. So while the Year 8s may concentrate on Creation and our responsibility towards it, the Year 10 theme is based around Social Justice.

The Year 11 extended Reflection Day - Tir na nOg - gives them a chance to explore possibilities of leadership and what it means to be a leader.

The culmination of the Reflection Day program is the Year 12 Retreat, held over three days. This is an inspiring time for students and facilitators alike. The Year 12s explore their own life stories, reflecting on who they are and what they hope for.

Mr Kamil Douglas
Ministry and Religious Education Coordinator