School Camps

Year 7 Camp - Click here for an insight into the Year 7 camp
Year 10 Pathway Getaway - Click here for more about Year 10 Pathways week
Prefects Camp - Click here to see what this entails
Year 11 Reflection Camp - Click here for more information
Year 12 Camp (Retreat) - Click here for more information

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp is held during the first term of school at Camp Clayton. Year 7 camp aims to build relationships between students, and between staff and students. It is aimed at enabling students to challenge themselves and to step outside their comfort zone. It is part of the St. Brendan- Shaw College transition of students into secondary school. Staff that attend camp are Year 7 teachers with preference given to the Year 7 core teachers. In 2016, students attended Camp Clayton for two nights of fun and adventure on the activities that are on offer there.

Year 10 Pathways

In order to better prepare our students for their future careers, the College undertakes to provide a range of experiences to help students with future decisions.

These include for example:
- UTAS Discovery Day
- Year 9 Health Careers Day
- Beacon Foundation Work readiness Foundation

Jillian Brandsema
Pathways & Careers Coordinator

Prefects Camp

The Prefects go on a weekend camp every year after they are elected to discuss and meet about their goals for the new year. The camp reflects teamwork, leadership and gives the students a look into managing and coordinating for the long term.

Year 11 Leadership Camp

The Year 11 Leadership Camp (Tir na nOg) and Year 12 Retreat are held simultaneously. Year 11 Camp is an overnight stay at the Riverbend Youth Centre in Smithton. The Camp challenges Year 11 students to consider themselves as leaders in the College community and encourages reflection of what they understand leadership to be. The Camp's name, Tir na nOg, comes from the story and journey of Irish Saint, Saint Brendan, after whom the College is named.

Year 12 Retreat

The Year 11 Leadership Camp and Year 12 Retreat are held simultaneously. The Year 12 Retreat is held over three days and two nights at Camp Clayton in Ulverstone. The Retreat is called 'The Road Ahead'. On the Retreat the students reflect upon the journey that has led them to where they are now; where and who they are at the moment; and who, where and what they want to be, go and do in the future and what tools they have to help them on that journey.

The Retreat is a highlight of the students' time at St Brendan-Shaw College and serves as the beginning of the end of their journey at St Brendan-Shaw College. It is an experience not to be missed.