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Welcome to Senior School

These Senior Years of College are important, vibrant years where our students from Year 10 become young adults by the end of Year 12. We are beginning to ask and expect of our students greater responsibility for themselves and for their College. We seek for our students to develop the maturity needed to become independent learners and thoughtful, caring young people who will share their lives with those around them.

These two years should be enjoyable. We offer a large range of activities, sports, clubs, performances, music groups, production and other opportunities to ensure that there is something for everyone. The key to enjoying one's time at St Brendan-Shaw College is involvement.

During these two years you will be preparing for tertiary study or the world of work. The teachers are here to help you by providing a secure, friendly learning environment that will encourage you to become a confident and self-directed learner. You will be supported and nurtured to help you achieve the best results of which you are capable. You will be expected to be responsible for your actions and your study habits. Remember that your education is a collaborative team effort between students, parents and staff at the College.

With all these things in place I know that your time at St Brendan-Shaw College will be both productive and enjoyable.

I wish each of you success. We strive to do our best, welcome diversity and be safe in all of your undertakings.

Maria Windsor
Senior School Coordinator/TASC Coordinator

Senior Coordinator

The position is responsible in ensuring the smooth transition of students into and during Senior Secondary and, that the College meets required Tasmanian Assessment Standards and Certification (TASC) compliance obligations. A key role of the Senior School Coordinator is to facilitate the smooth, efficient flow of information between the College and the TASC. The Senior School Coordinator incorporates the role as the TASC Liaison Officer and is the primary contact person within the College for TCE syllabus, enrolment and result details.

My office is located in the Senior Study area and I'm available to assist our Year 10 to 12 studentst with this challenging phase of their school journey. It is a pleasure to see these young people grow and mature into positive role models and responsible adults.

Maria Windsor
Senior School Coordinator/TASC Coordinator

Teachers & Prefects Contact

Learning and Teaching Team

  • Josie Emery (Head of the Arts Faculty)
  • Graeme Brookes (Head of English and LOTE Faculty)
  • Nathan Sharp (Information Technology Manager)
  • Shelley Keightley (Head of Mathematics Faculty)
  • Kelly Allen (Head of Studies of Society and History Faculty)
  • Steven Ryan (Head of Health & Physical Education Faculty)
  • Angela Henry (Head of Science Faculty)
  • Roger Lane (Head of Technology Faculty)
  • Steve Powell (Vocational Education and Training Coordinator)
  • Wendy Kline (Library Manager)
  • Wayne Roberts (Head of Religion Faculty)

Student Leadership

  • College Captains - Fletcher Clarke and Clara Morf
  • Secretary - Bradley Smith
  • Treasurer - Brooke Jones
  • Lyons - Captain: Aleisha Brown, Deputy Captain: Jasmine Spinelli
  • MacKillop - Captain: Zander Ellis, Deputy Captain: Medha Sood
  • Griffin - Captain: Tom Galpin, Deputy Captain: Matthew Wood
  • Dillon - Captain: Georgia Burley, Deputy Captain: Oliver Ebsworth
  • Prefects Promoting Sport, Awareness, Environment and the Arts - Lachie Ford, Angus Yeates, Max Green, Ben Williams, Zachary Corbett, Patrick Geale, Kaylee Leonard, Will Young,


Year 11 and 12 can be a difficult time and sometimes you might notice either you or one of your friends are struggling. Sometimes the struggles can be school-based (e.g. finding you are behind in work) or based outside of school (e.g. a break-up in your family or other relationships), or sometimes the struggles are because of feelings of depression or anxiety. Don't leave things too late. Speak to people sooner rather than later. Our experienced College Counsellors are here to help you work through any difficulties you or your friends might be having. To see them, just make an appointment through the Caritas Office.

Our Counsellors can also give you information on what supports are available from other agencies such as Centrelink.