Social & Leadership

Student Leadership - Learn more about our Prefects Structure
Leadership Groups - Learn about opportunities for leaders in all years and groups

Student Leadership

All students are encouraged to be involved actively in the life of the College and aspire to be student leaders. The student leaders strive to strengthen and develop a positive, wholesome school spirit and to encourage all students to live out the ideals expressed in the College Core Values.

The Prefects are expected to act as role models, display leadership qualities, organise and facilitate fundraising for charities and to organise and run assemblies, socials and school activities.

Prefect Structure

  • 2 College Captains (male and female)
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 4 House Prefects
  • 4 Deputy House Prefects (Year 11's)
  • 4 College Prefects
  • Environment and Health
  • Culture and Community
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Ministry and Religion

The prefects are supported by

  • Staff Senior Secondary Coordinator
  • Staff Support Personnel for Action Groups

Leadership Groups

Students from Years 7-12 are also able to join a leadership group based around the four areas of Ministry, Community and the Arts, Environment and Sport. Students do not need to be voted into these groups and the College sees this as a way to encourage all members of our community to build their leadership capacity.

Many opportunities are offered for social interaction. These include socials held once per term, the senior school ball. Fundraising events also allow informal opportunities for social interaction, such as movie nights, barbecues, etc.

  • Rally's
  • Talent quest
  • Socials
  • Ball committee
  • Cows Create Careers