Junior Student Talk

Student Talk - Here you will find quotes of what our students say about SBSC

Junior Talk

The following are snippets from feedback received from Year 7 students.

  • Josh M - "Very welcoming and has fun activities at the start of the year to get to know one another e.g. Year 7 camp and swimming carnival"
  • Georgia L - "Nerve racking at the start but they have made it as comfortable as possible wtih transitioning. It has been a breeze"
  • Jaiden W - "I like St Brendan-Shaw College because you get opportunities"
  • Sharnae S - "Love the teachers, love the school, awesome fun and very cool"
  • Holly B - "They accept no failure, and determine to get you to your goal"
  • Lachie M - The transition was easy and there is a great working environment"
  • Romi B - Good education, good classrooms, great learning environment. Extremely welcoming."
  • Year 7, 2016 student: "Year 7 is awesome because of all the friends you get to make."
  • Year 7, 2016 student: "Year 7 has been a great experience for me and a great change in my life"
  • Year 7, 2016 student: "Year 7 so far has been enjoyable even with the challenges."
  • Year 7, 2016 student: "Year 7 has been very interesting it was hard to get used to at first all the different changes and the step up from primary school but it is has been a good start."