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The Course Options
The Deputy Principal of Learning and Teaching, with the Careers Advisors and the Heads of Faculties, constantly review the range of subjects offered and new subjects are introduced as the need arises. Information evenings for parents are held during the year. Subject selection choices are now completed online. An email will be sent to all students at the beginning of Term 3 with an access code and password for subject selection. Timelines for each year are published.

The Selection Process

Subject Selection Process
Subject selection involves completing choices online. Parents and students can view the Subject Handbook below. This handbook is updated each year around July. An email is sent to all students after a subject selection Information Evening in mid Term 3. The email contains the access code and password for subject selection. All subject selections must be submitted prior to the published due date. Students MUST print out the receipt of chosen subjects and return it to Mrs Saltmarsh with parent signature.

If for any reason you are unable to complete the process online then please contact Mrs Saltmarsh at the College.

Year 11-12 Subjects

Religious Education Faculty
- Studies of Religion TASC3C
- Religion in Society TASC2C
- Making Moral Decision TASC2A
- Youth Ministry and Spirituality Options
- Community Service Learning TASC2A

Faculty of Science
- Physical Science TASC3C
- Physical Science Foundation TASC2C
- Life Science TASC2C
- Biology TASC3C
- Environmental Science & Society TASC3C
- Chemistry TASC4C
- Physics TASC4C

Mathematics Faculty
- Essential Skills TASC2C - Numeracy
- Workplace Maths TASC2C
- General Mathematics Foundation TASC2
- Mathematics Methods Foundation TASC3C
- General Mathematics TASC3C
- Mathematics Methods TASC4C
- Mathematics Specialised TASC4

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty
- Introduction to Sociology and Psychology TASC2C
- Psychology TASC3C
- Sociology TASC3C
- Modern World History TASC3C
- Ancient Civilisations TASC3C
- Geography TASC3C
- Accounting TASC3C
- Economics TASC3C
- Business Studies Foundation TASC2C
- Business Studies TASC3C
- Legal Studies TASC3C
- Legal Studies Foundation TASC2C
- Working with Children TASC2C
- Philosophy TASC3C

English & LOTE Faculty
- English Literature TASC3C
- Essential Skills TASC2C - Literacy
- English Level 3 TASC3C
- English Writing TASC3C
- English Foundations Level 2 TASC2C
- English Applied TASC2C
- Japanese Foundation TASC2C
- Japanese TASC3C
- French Foundation TASC2C
- French TASC3C

Arts Faculty
- Drama Foundation TASC2C
- Drama TASC3C
- Theatre Performance TASC3C
- Dance TASC2C
- Dance TASC3C
- Music TASC3C
- Contemporary Music TASC2C
- Music Technologies TASC2C
- Art Production-Foundation TASC2C / Art Production TASC3C / Art Studio Practice TASC4C
- Media Production-Foundation TASC2C / Media Production TASC3C

Health and Physical Education Faculty
- Sport Science Foundation TASC2C
- Sport Science TASC3C
- Health Studies TASC3C
- Physical Recreation TASC1C
- Athlete Development TASC1C
- Outdoor Education TASC2C

Technology Faculty
- Design and Production TASC2C
- Computer Graphics & Design TASC3C / Computer Graphics & Design - Foundation TASC2C
- Food & Hospitality Enterprise TASC2C
- Food and Nutrition TASC3C
- Technical Graphics FoundationTASC2C / Technical Graphics TASC3C
- Workshop Techniques Introduction TASC1C
- Housing and Design TASC3C
- Automotive & Mechanical Technologies TASC2C

Information Technology Faculty
- Computer Science TASC3C
- Essential Computer Skills TASC2C / Computer Applications TASC2C
- Work Readiness TASC1-2C

VET Opportunities
- Certificate I in Animal Studies
- Certificate II in Animal Studies
- Certificate I in Automotive
- Certificate II in Automotive
- Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) Certificate II in Business (online)
- Certificate II in Community Services (Intro to Childcare, Aged care, Education Support)
- Certificate III in Early Childhood Care and Education
- Certificate III in Fitness (online)
- Certificate II in Salon Assistant
All change of subject requests must go to the Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning for approval. All requests are to be made via a Subject Change Request Form and must have parent signature. These forms can be obtained from the Deputy Principals' Assistant, Mrs Saltmarsh.

To download the Subject Handbook as a PDF, please click here.