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Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE)
The requirements for students undertaking Senior Secondary education in Tasmania are set out by the office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC). Full details about certificates, subjects, past examination papers and requirements are available at

The following information about the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) has been provided by the TASC.

What is the TCE?
If you successfully complete a full time course accredited by the TASC you will usually get this certificate. Achieving the TCE will tell people, including employers, that you:

  • can do everyday adult reading, writing and communication (literacy skills);
  • can use everyday adult maths (numeracy skills);
  • can make everyday use of computers and the internet (ICT skills);
  • have completed a full program of Senior Secondary education and training (participation and achievement); and
  • have developed and reviewed plans for your future (pathway planning). The TASC TCE Planner Tool can be used to document this. Click here to this online tool.

How will you get it?
To get this qualification you will have to meet each of the five above dot points or standards.

What information is there about the literacy, numeracy and ICT requirements?
TCE syllabuses, TASC accredited courses, TASC recognised courses, VET competencies and VET certificates can be used to meet the participation and achievement standards and some of the literacy, numeracy and ICT skills. How the TASC subjects can be used can be found at or see appendix 3 to guide you.

Tests can also be used to show that you have met the standards of literacy, numeracy and ICT.

What about the Participation and Achievement Standard?
To meet this standard you will have to complete:

  • the equivalent of a two year fulltime program of studies. You will show this by gaining a total of at least 120 units of credit e.g. a TASC level 3 course is 15 units of credit.
  • of these 120 units at least 80 must be studies at a level of 2 or more. A table rating of all subjects on size and complexity is available on the TASC website.

What about the Personal Pathway requirement?
You will meet this requirement if you have developed and reviewed future plans for education and training. At the end of Year 10 you will complete a statement of intent and we have this registered with the TASC. This covers your intended career goals and the education and training you need to reach these goals. This can always be reviewed with the Careers and Pathways team members.

What will I actually get if I successfully meet the standards?
The TASC will issue you with the TCE. This will show that you have been awarded the Tasmanian Certificate of Education and will list all your qualifications recognised by the TASC.

What value will the TCE be to me?
Tasmanian employers support the TCE because its standards match the important skills people need when entering the adult world, including employment, further education and training.

Subject accreditation
Subjects are accredited by the TASC. These are indicated by the letters TASC in their title. At the time of publication a number of subjects are in the process of re-accreditation. In the event that a subject is not re-accredited, students will be counselled regarding an appropriate alternative.

Requirements to achieve the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE):*
120 Participation points (80 at level 2 or above) (The Planner* is an aid with this.)

  • Each course, generally contributes 15 points
  • Minimum result for each subject is a Preliminary Achievement (PA)
  • Can count repeated subjects
  • Everyday Adult skills in: (The Literacy, Numeracy and ICT "Ticks" in the Planner Tool*)
  • Reading, writing and communication
  • Mathematics
  • Use of computers and the internet
  • Pathway Planning (The TCE Planner and subject selection processes is part of this.)
    * The TCE Planner Tool, available online at, is an invaluable tool.