The History of SBSC

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The Storyline
Catholic Education in the region was commenced in 1889 by the Sisters of St Joseph who provided primary and secondary education in Devonport and Ulverstone. In 1960, on the James Street site, the Christian Brothers established St Brendan's College for boys. In 1969 Shaw College, for girls, was established adjacent to St Brendan's College. Shaw College was administered by the Sisters of St Joseph. The College was named after Fr Shaw who was the first Parish Priest of Devonport. By agreement between the two Colleges a certain degree of co-instruction was arranged at Years 9 and 10. In 1972, by agreement of the Archdiocese, the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph, Devonport Regional Catholic College Board of Management was established to provide financial management for the two Colleges. In 1981 the two Colleges were merged to form St Brendan-Shaw College, a co-educational College.

In July 1989, the Archbishop of Hobart, Dr E D'Arcy, granted permission for the introduction of Years 11 and 12 classes in 1990. St Brendan-Shaw College offers full Catholic Secondary Education from Years 7 - 12. Together with the primary schools, K - 12 Catholic education is provided for all young people in the region. The Governing Council became operational in 1996 after the Constitutions were formally signed and accepted by Archbishop, Dr E D'Arcy, in 1995. In 2010, the College community celebrated the fiftieth year of Catholic education on the site. From 2012 we became an associate school of Edmund Rice Education Australia and aspire to the four touchstones of its Charter: Liberating Education; Gospel Spirituality; Inclusive Community; and, Justice and Solidarity.