St Brendan-Shaw College offers subjects in the Performing and Visual Arts.


The college offers a high standard of teaching in the Performing Arts with a good range of options available to students. In the Genesis Performing Arts Centre and the recently completed Founders' Theatre, the college is looking forward to building a flourishing arts culture in the school. In addition to subject based activities, the college offers a range of performance opportunities including public performances, college productions, eisteddfods, children's theatre and the student dance company.


Dance is offered to students in Year 8 through to Year 12. Students may choose to study this subject at a pre-tertiary level when in Year 11 or 12.

In the classroom, students develop technical movement, dance and performance skills and explore choreographic techniques and ideas. They also develop ideas and understandings of dance in society and its role in this 21st century. The student dance company brings together students from all year levels to develop their technical and performance skills to a high standard and present work at school and public venues.

Miss Josie Emery
Moderator of Dance


Through studying this subject, students explore and experiment with the elements of drama:

  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Improvisation
  • Role play

Students are involved in a process of reflection about their own work, the work of others and about drama as a whole. They are required to work both individually and cooperatively as a member of a group on the development of drama works for eventual performances.

Mr Michael Allen
Moderator of Drama


Why music in education?

  • Music contributes to the school and community environment (quality of life).
  • Music can help students prepare for a career. Music can make the day more alive and interesting, which in turn leads to more learning. Music contributes behaviors to promote a higher order of thinking skills.
  • Music provides a way to imagine and create contributing to self expression and creativity?
  • Music enriches life; it is a way to understand our cultural heritage as well as that of past and present cultures. Performing, consuming and composing are satisfying and rewarding activities.
  • Music encourages team work and cohesiveness. Music education adds to self worth of participants.
  • Music fosters discipline and commitment and is a major source of joy and achievement.
  • Music can provide success for some students who have difficulty with other aspects of the school curriculum.

Year 7

This course is a general music appreciation course which covers practical, theoretical and listening work. A substantial amount of work is undertaken on computers in the College music computer lab. Ongoing assessment occurs in all areas.

Year 8

This course is optional and further develops music skills in theory listening, special projects and performance on a large variety of instruments.

Year 9

The course covers theory, listening, special projects and performance and is available in three syllabus levels based on individual ability.

Year 10

Again available in three syllabus levels designed to prepare students for Senior College music courses.

Senior Secondary

Year 11 and 12 students have the choice of Contemporary Music , General Music or Pre-tertiary courses in theory, performance listening, negotiated studies, recording, composition and arranging improvisation.

Mrs Jacqueline Austin
Moderator of Music


Art at St Brendan Shaw College is offered to students in Year 7 through to Year 12.

Years 7 to 10 begin as foundational courses which develop and explore skills, techniques and methods of working, using various media for 2D and 3D expression. Students explore drawing, painting, dye work, masks, printmaking and collage.

Year 11 and 12 students are able to specialize in painting, drawing, photography or other available mediums. This may be done either at a pre-tertiary or non pre-tertiary level.

Mrs Helen Smialek
Moderator of Visual Arts