Transition from years 9-12

A Pathways program has been developed to assist students' transition from junior secondary to senior secondary at St Brendan Shaw College. The rationale for such a program refers to the importance of students having the opportunity to develop closer relationships with staff and the desirability of every student having a significant adult involved in their journey through these years of schooling.

The program begins with a unique Year 9 Pathways experience and continues with regular timetabled Pathways sessions in Years 10-12.

In Year 9 the program is delivered in two one week blocks of time which focus specifically on developing spiritual, learning, leadership and community pathways.

The Years 10-12 program is based upon small groups of students who are assigned to a Pathways teacher. This teacher will spend a significant amount of time with individual students discussing their hopes and dreams for their futures as well as helping them to access the resources they need to enable them to realise these dreams.