Year 7 Area & Facilities

Year 7 Area - Here you will find more information about our Year 7 Area
Year 7 Facilities - Here you will find more information about our other facilities for Year 7 students

Year 7 Area

Westcourt Centre
SBSC has refurbished the St Brendan Block especially for Year 7 students!

The new building makes the delivery of the curriculum able to occur in a new and modern facility, while continuing our success in enabling an easy and gradual transition to secondary school.

Core subjects are delivered in the area named the "Westcourt Centre", celebrating our link to Edmund Rice Education. There are also collaborative learning spaces and breakout rooms to facilitate modern pedagogy.

Year 7 Facilities

Just as the Westcourt Centre has been designed to facilitate modern pedagogy that supports collaborative learning, the Science Facilities also use similar design principles. All Year 7 Science classes are held in these modern laboratories. Modern facilities are provided in all other specialist areas such as Materials Design and Technology; Food Technology; Music; Dance and Drama. The Nazareth Centre houses first class Physical Education facilities. Most of the specialist facilities are in the same block as the Westcourt Centre.