Community & Governance


Catholic Education Tasmania (CET) consists of 38 Schools and the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office (TCEO).  St Brendan-Shaw College is one of these 38 schools.

Governance for CET is as follows:

The Catholic Education Commission Tasmania (CECT) is the Governing Authority.  It has four ‘Standing Committees’ (Catholic Identity and Evangelisation; Education; Resources and Sustainability; and People and Culture) that oversee Governance of CET.

The School Board assists with strengthening effective governance, promoting democratic participation and establishes relationships between our school and the community.  The Board advises the Principal and usually meets monthly. It has responsibility for reviewing policy and resources, as well as providing supervision of the financial position of the College through the Finance subcommittee. The Capital Works and Maintenance subcommittee provides input to the College’s capital works and maintenance programs.

Advisory Board for 2020

Mr Malcom Nield (Board Chair)
Mr Nigel Charlesworth (Secretary)
Mrs Karen Claridge-Robins (Finance Officer to the Board)
Fr Mike Delany
Mr Frank Pisano
Mrs Margaret Greenhill
Mrs Gina Casey

Community Report

Annual Community Report 2017, released March 2018.

2017 Community Report March 2017 Final 2

Strategic Planning and Improvement