Students of all abilities are encouraged to compete in a range of sports and activities at St Brendan-Shaw College.  We recognise the link between physical activity and strong academic performance, and how it contributes to a students'  health, lifestyle, fitness, social development and self-worth.  All students have the right to participate in sport safely and equitably, but balanced with a sense of fair play and good spirit.


As well as participating in competitions with schools across all sectors in the local area and statewide, SBSC is a member of SATIS (The Sports Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools) which conducts sporting competitions for member schools.  NSATIS and SSATIS are regional (Northern and Southern) bodies which organise and conduct competitions in their respective regions.

SATIS promotes physical, emotional and social well-being by fostering and administering a quality sporting program providing competition between schools in an environment which encourages participation, diversity, integrity and good sporting behaviour. 

House Carnivals

Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country are the three major house carnivals held each year. All students are encouraged to actively participate and each student can earn one point for their house simply by doing so.  Fun is built into carnivals.

Swimming Carnival

Usually held at the beginning of Term 1, traditional swimming events are conducted along with several fun novelty events. The Carnival is part of the NSATIS and SATIS swimming selection process.

Athletics Carnival

Held over two days, this Carnival is held at the end of Term 1.  Traditional track and field events such as long jump, shot put, discus and high jump are conducted along with fun challenges such as the tug-of-war, group planks and four-way-volleyball. The Carnival is also part of the NSATIS and SATIS carnival selection process.

Cross Country

Held in and around the College grounds, the Cross Country is a half-day carnival.  Starting near the Don Rugby grounds and winding its way back toward the College grounds, the Carnival also serves as a selection process for the All Schools Cross Country carnival.