The following information is provided to assist parents at the beginning of the school year.  It gives a general overview of procedures and information, including key contacts and frequently asked questions.

Absence from School

  1. Contact the school as early as possible to advise us of the absence, together with the reason for the absence, by either calling the Caritas Office on 6424 7622 or emailing
  2. If a student is absent without parental contact, an SMS will be sent, usually before 10:00am.
    1. On receiving the SMS, please get in touch with the school confirming the absence together with the reason either by replying to the SMS, calling the Caritas Office on 03 6424 7622 or emailing*
  3. Recreational leave during term time is discouraged and requires consultation with the Principal in accordance with the conditions set out under the Education Act (2016).
  4. Wherever possible, please avoid appointments during school hours. 

*The Education Act limits the capacity for Principals to use discretion in classifying an absence as ‘explained’ without a reason. The College also needs to report unexplained absences in some circumstances.