A lot of valuable education experiences happen outside of the class room.  We enrich our students learning across many subject areas by offering various excursions and incursions.

Examples of minor local excursions include Physical Education sessions at local venues (such as Splash Aquatic Centre, Devonport Recreational Centre, Devonport Tennis Club, Devonport Ten Pin Bowl) and Surf Awareness activities at the Bluff or Coles Beach.

Minor excursion to the Bluff and Coles Beach are also undertaken by classes through their Geology or Geography Curriculum, or by Art or Creative Writing students sketching landscapes or seeking inspiration.

What follows is a taste of the variety of excursions that have been held:

  • Art visits to MONA and QVMAG
  • ATSI walks to Alum Cliffs
  • Business and Marketing trips to AGFEST
  • Canyoning at Cradle Mountain
  • Hiking in the Tasman Peninsula
  • History excursions to Mole Creek and Brickendon
  • Mountain Biking at Penguin
  • Rockclimbing at Penny Royal
  • Waterskiing at Lake Barrington
  • Manufacturing Factory visits
  • Scientific Analytics at local farms