Learning Enhancement

The Learning Enhancement Team (LET) aims to support all students in reaching their full potential. This includes students who have barriers to their learning and those who are gifted and talented. A key feature of the Learning Enhancement Team is the facilitation of collaborative planning between teachers, support staff, parents and students. This service is delivered in a range of ways, from one-to-one tuition to small group work, and can include participation in Literacy and Numeracy intervention programs.

Gifted and Talented

A member of the team uses achievement data to help identify students who might benefit from a range of extension activities to suit their needs and interests.

The UTern Room

The UTern Room gives students who need some time out a place to go that is safe and welcoming. 

Some students like to sit quietly, and others can engage in activities that promote self-regulating emotions, including reading material, that educates and promotes positive well-being.  Mindful sensory kits are available, which contain activities for self-regulation that utilise all the senses, along with a range of board games.

Use of the room can be part of an individual learning plan where access to a quiet space is part of a self-management strategy.

This room is available at recess and lunch for those who have a UTern pass. Passes can be provided by members of the College Pastoral Care team.

"The Catholic school is committed to educate the whole person founded on the conviction that human beings have a transcendent destiny and that education of the whole person must form the spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, social, moral aesthetic and religious capacities of each child"

The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools, 2016

Learning Enhancement Team

Mrs Leanne Purton, Learning Enhancement Coordinator
Ms Bridget Leary, Teacher/Gifted and Talented Support

Teacher Assistants (Learning Enhancement Team)

Mrs Amy Woodberry
Ms Jess Broomhall
Ms Jenna Haywood
Ms Kyiema Jackson
Ms Kerri Gelston
Mr Ben Tenglaia

Teacher Assistants (Teaching & Learning Areas)

Mr Nick Sallese (Technology)
Mr Bevan Schramm (Technology)
Mrs Susie Winkler (Visual Art)
Mrs Chloe Harris (First Nations)
Mrs Petra Wilden (Science)