Preparing for Year 7

In preparation for their first day at St Brendan-Shaw College, here are few things that Year 7 students and their families can do.

Attend Orientation Day

The College runs an Orientation Day for all new Year 7 students in the first week of December. This is an opportunity for students to meet their teachers, other students and become more familiar with the layout of the College.

Getting to and from school

The holidays are a great time for students to become familiar with how they are getting to and from school. Are they walking? Catching a bus?  How long will it take them to travel to and from school?  Learning about the correct route to school and even practicing getting to and from the school is a helpful exercise in building student confidence.

Talk about how they are feeling

Entering secondary school is a milestone for all students. It signifies a move from childhood to adolescence and brings with it a whole range of new experiences for both the young person and their families. The holidays are a good time for students and their families to talk about how they are feeling about the transition to secondary school.

Name your books

Students should name all of their school books. At this stage, students don’t need to assign exercise books to particular subjects. Classroom teachers will go through this with Year 7 students at the beginning of the year.

Your first day at St Brendan-Shaw College

Students are asked to meet at the Westcourt area from 8:20am onwards.  The morning program is designed to set students at ease and provide them the necessary tools to begin their studies.

Further Information for Parents including Parents Info Handbook and information regarding absences please click HERE