At St Brendan-Shaw College, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that combines a modern curriculum, skilled teaching staff, and access to contemporary technology. Our commitment to fostering an innovative and engaged learning community is at the heart of our educational approach.

All courses at the College require students to access computing devices and online resources as part of their learning activities. Students get access the SEQTA Learning Management System, which ensures that all course materials and learning activities are easily accessible.

In every classroom, data projectors or LED screens are available, allowing seamless integration of ICT into the curriculum. This provides students access to real-time information, digital learning resources, educational software, and collaborative workspaces. 

Our technology-rich environment not only improves organisational and technological skills but also enhances students' abilities in areas such as revision, writing, editing, presentation, and speaking.

Bring Your Own Device

Students bring their own laptops for learning. Evidence supports that students having access to their own learning device contributes to improved learning outcomes.

Tablets/iPads will not be sufficient for classroom purposes. However, we provide the following guide as our advice for the best student learning device.

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Screen size: 13 inches
Screen size: 13+ inches
Memory: 2GB RAM
Memory: 8GB+ RAM
Hard Drive Space: 16GB
Hard Drive Space: 64GB+
Battery: 24-hour charge
Battery: 24-hour charge

We don't endorse any particular brand or type of device, nor any particular retailer.

Google Suite

The College provides each student with a free Google Workspaces account.  

Students get a G-mail address, G-Drive and Google Calendar. Together with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, students can use documents that are very similar to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These programs will run on any device that has internet connectivity. They are free and use cloud storage. This means that students can access their work from any compatible device that has access to the internet. Also, if internet connectivity is a problem, students can set certain document settings that will allow them to work on them offline. When they reconnect to the internet, these documents automatically sync and update the online file(s). 

The IT Support team is based in the Library, and the service desk is open to students throughout the day.