Year 11-12 Health & Physical Education

Senior Secondary, both Level 3 (pre-tertiary) and and Level 2 (non pre-tertiary) opportunities

Sport Science

Sport Science Foundation TASC2C is offered for students who may wish to study in the area, but not at a pre-tertiary level. This course aims to develop an understanding of the importance of physical activity, sport, recreation and fitness in their lives and also looks into factors that influence sporting performance.  The course provides opportunities to apply theory in a practical context through participating in, and organising sporting events, as well as participating in practical laboratory activities. 

Sport Science TASC3C is designed for students who wish to expand their skills and understanding in sport science through theoretical and applied understanding of the factors which influence sporting performance. This includes the areas of physiology of exercise, skill acquisition and the psychological factors that affect sporting performance. Sport Science is a pre-tertiary subject, externally examined at the end of the year.

Health Studies

Health Studies TASC3C provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in health and health related issues through the investigation of personal, Australian and Worldwide health issues. It is an excellent stepping stone for any student wishing to undertake study or employment in Health and Allied Health Careers, Education, Human Movement, Childcare and Health Science.

Physical Recreation

Physical Recreation TASC1C has an emphasis on participation. It provides students with the opportunity to continue to be physically active whilst in Senior Secondary. Students participate in a range of individual, team, recreational and fitness related activities.

Athlete Development

Athlete Development TASC2C encourages the development of theoretical and practical competencies necessary for improving athletic performance. Activities include Specialist and Technical Coaching, Physical Preparation and Performance Measurement and Sports Knowledge Tutorials. 

Outdoor Leadership

Outdoor Leadership TASC3C focuses on developing learners’ understanding of leadership concepts and the organisation of practical activities. Outdoor adventure-based activities provide the context for application and opportunities for a range of experiences that enable individuals to build awareness of themselves, others and the environment. A levy may be applicable.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education TASC2C is designed to foster the development of independence and self-sufficiency within the context of outdoor recreational activities. Skills and knowledge will be developed through theoretical learning and experiences in a range of outdoor activities, such as surfing, kayaking, bushwalking, mountain biking and snow sports.  A levy may be applicable.