Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care refers to promoting and enhancing the wellbeing of an individual.  Pastoral Care aims to provide effective networks of care.

St Brendan-Shaw College endeavours to educate students in accordance with Gospel values such as community, faith, hope, reconciliation, courage, service, commitment, justice, forgiveness and love. We also aim to develop within students, greater self-discipline and more of a sense of individual responsibility.

MyTERN is an initiative that has been shown to have a positive impact on wellbeing and is being implemented at the College.

General rights

Every member of our community - students, staff and parents - has the right to:

  • feel safe and be safe;
  • feel supported and be supported;
  • not be harassed or bullied, belittled or ridiculed;
  • learn and play in a calm and rewarding environment; and
  • be proud of themselves, their achievements and the College.

Rights are always associated with responsibilities and the College recognises its role of promoting this to support the welfare of all in our community.

College Counselling Service

As part of the Pastoral Care Team counsellers work with students, families, staff and the broader community to provide a professional holistic counselling and support service.

Services include:

Individual and family counselling
Community and medical referrals to various agencies to assist and support the student
Community education and proactive intervention
Emotional and psycho/social assessment
College liaison, support and provisional advice
Case Management
Group work
Transition support
Home/hospital visits

Pastoral Care Leaders Team

Deputy Principal Pastoral Care - Mrs Debra Bonde

Dillon House Coordinator - Mr Ross Hubble
Lyons House Coordinator - Mrs Kiralee Page
Griffin House Coordinator - Miss Jess Campbell
MacKillop House Coordinator - Mr Kurt Byard

Social WorkerMs Jayne Charlesworth